Windows 10

External Keyboard on Bitlocker with Dell Type-C USB Dock and XPS


When using a Dell XPS (we’re using the 13″ 9360 Model) with the new Thunderbolt USB Type-C docking station. Trying to use an external keyboard connected to the dock to input the BitLocker pin and the keyboard doesn’t respond.


This can be resolved with a few simple steps.

  1. Boot up into windows, go to bitlocker manager and suspend bitlocker (This is temporary).
  2. Restart and boot into the bios/setup menu. (F12 on start-up)Dell Boot Sequence Menu
  3. Go to the Boot Sequence tab on the left and click Add Boot Option.
  4. Give the boot option a name, like HardDrive.
  5. Under File Name use the browsing button (…) and go to EFI>Microsoft>BootChanging boot file to bootmgrfw.efi
  6. In here select bootmgrfw.efi then click Ok, and Ok again to set up the boot option.
  7. Move the HardDrive boot option to the top of the list using the arrows.Setting HardDrive boot option to the top
  8. Boot into windows and check that the Bitlocker has been re-enabled.
  9. Voila, thats it. Your external Keyboard will now work with the USB C docking stations.