The Reason Companies use Dell Laptops and Desktops

Dell is one of the most common hardware vendors in the world. This shows when you look at their $61.6 billion in revenue for 2017, $10 billion up from the previous year. In this article we can take a look at what got dell their top spot in the IT hardware market.


Latest Hardware

Dell work hard at pushing out the latest hardware with their new models. It keeps their hardware current while also extending the life span of it. They were one of the first companies pushing the DisplayPort connections onto their laptops, desktops and monitors. There are still plenty of companies not using this new protocols.


Configuration Editor

When selecting your hardware on the Dell website there are hundreds of options to choose from. Once you’ve picked the model you want you can then configure it. Low on budget? Decrease the RAM. Not enough speed? Throw an i7 inside. Watch a lot of QHD movies? Pop a High res screen on. Excellent to meet you or your companies specific needs.



Dells proSupport contract is crucial for business support. You can cover your hardware for 3 years (and extend it if needed). This cover gives you next day support for laptops and desktops but also gives you a 4 hour support contract for enterprise products like servers and SANS. Important for any business which wants to stay up and running.


Docking Stations

Being able to transform a small portable laptop into a full sized power user environment is important in many business areas. Firstly dell did it with the E-Port replicator, allow multiple display outputs and extra USB ports. They then went onto the latest Type-C docking station including the same capabilities with more modern protocols.


Easily Maintainable

There are plenty of different aspect which makes dells technology easy to maintain. Their desktop series (Optiplex for example) has easily interchangeable hardware with no screws. You don’t even need a screwdriver to upgrade the memory or install an extra PCI-E card. Their laptops are easily accessed and upgraded but unfortunately do include screws.


All these attributes make Dells hardware a super popular option when being selected for corporate or personal use. If you’re looking for a reliable selection of the latest tech Dell is the way to go.