First World Problems for Every Sysadmin

A selection of hilarious day-to-day problems that all system administrators, IT Techs and network engineers run into. After all, its not easy working in I.T

Never having the right length Ethernet cable for the job.

I love this one. I can’t count the amount of times i’ve been to a user to cable up a desk or device with a 5 meter cable, only to find the distance from said device to the closest network socket is 5 meters and 5cm! Now if thats not first world, i don’t know what is.

Who knows which one we need!?

Losing the mouse cursor somewhere across your three monitors.

Its easily done when there’s so much screen space to lose that little cursor in. Sometimes i’m tempted to download a bright green mouse cursor icon (a little bit 00’s i know), but i’m not sure my boss would be impressed.

Where is it this time…

Having a ticket re-open because the polite user replies with a Thank You.

Anyone using a helpdesk system that re-opens tickets if the user replies, this ones for you. You happily close the ticket, but its not over yet. Once the user got their resolution email, they replied with a kind hearted thank you email. WTF is that ticket back open for… Oh. I see…

No problem, i’ll close the ticket again since you’re so polite!