What Makes the Best Wireless Earbuds in 2020

These days you can’t leave your house without seeing a trendy passer-by with their latest AirPods or wireless earbuds. With so many options on the market I wanted to find what made the best wireless earbuds this year.

In order of importance.

1. Battery life

 A wireless headset is great when it’s paired with a battery that lasts for a long time. The latest models usually average around 4 hours listening time + a charging case so its easy to recharge while on the go.

Heres a small chart of some of the top models and their battery life

ModelBattery LifeBattey Life with Case
Apple AirPods Pro4.5 Hours24 Hours
Mobvoi TicPods ANC5 Hours21 Hours
Samsung Buds+11 Hours22 Hours
Sony WF-1000XM36 Hours24 Hours
Popular Earbuds battery life

2. Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is quite new on the block when talking about wireless earbuds. Apple moved to include ANC with their latest Apple AirPods Pro but not with their standard model.

It often comes at a slight premium on the higher end models but is worth the price.

If you don’t know what Active noise cancellation is, it essentially uses a microphone on the outside of the earbuds to listen to the background noise, then actively adjust the sound that goes into your ears to reduce that noise. Really clever stuff.

For more info on ANC check out this post here.

4. Wireless range 

Depending on what you have planned for your wireless earbuds, range can be important. If you’re like me and you want to get up and go to the toilet without interrupting your music habits then you’re going to want a good range.

Range can vary quite a bit depending if you’re outside or how thick the walls of your house are. Most of the latest wireless headphones use Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a range of 300 meters, but definitely don’t expect to get that full 300.  

4. Comfort 

 Finally but definitely not least comes in comfort. If earbuds are uncomfortable to wear then people just aren’t going to wear them. So lets take a look at what options we have when it comes to comfort.

In Ear
Apples release of the AirPods Pro became their first in ear design. With this design the AirPod sits down inside the ear, which allows for the ANC to work best. Samsungs Buds + also came as the In Ear varient.

This works great for the sporty types, runners and cyclists as the earphone is more stable and sturdy inside the ear.

On Ear

Other earphones like Mobvois TicPods ANC are on Ear earbuds. These sit just on the edge of the ear not directly inside. Though it means they can be a bit loser, i think this is more comfortable for day to day than in-ear.



First World Problems for Every Sysadmin

A selection of hilarious day-to-day problems that all system administrators, IT Techs and network engineers run into. After all, its not easy working in I.T

Never having the right length Ethernet cable for the job.

I love this one. I can’t count the amount of times i’ve been to a user to cable up a desk or device with a 5 meter cable, only to find the distance from said device to the closest network socket is 5 meters and 5cm! Now if thats not first world, i don’t know what is.

Who knows which one we need!?

Losing the mouse cursor somewhere across your three monitors.

Its easily done when there’s so much screen space to lose that little cursor in. Sometimes i’m tempted to download a bright green mouse cursor icon (a little bit 00’s i know), but i’m not sure my boss would be impressed.

Where is it this time…

Having a ticket re-open because the polite user replies with a Thank You.

Anyone using a helpdesk system that re-opens tickets if the user replies, this ones for you. You happily close the ticket, but its not over yet. Once the user got their resolution email, they replied with a kind hearted thank you email. WTF is that ticket back open for… Oh. I see…

No problem, i’ll close the ticket again since you’re so polite!

Google Pixel 3 XL vs OnePlus 6T – Flagship Phones for 2019

An exciting time for any android lover. Today Google announced the latest models of its pixel smartphones, the pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Also this week came the release date of OnePlus’s latest “flagship killer” the OnePlus 6T. The only question left is which one should you be selecting as your next mobile companion.


The Looks

Both these phones are aiming for the latest bezeless look. The screen size of the 6T offers an extra .1 inch(for those who think size matters). Google have created a fairly big notch which i can see being off-putting but it accommodates the 2 front facing cameras, so if you’re a selfie lover the big notch is worth it.

Google Pixel 3XL vs Onplus6T

The Power

Googles new Pixel 3 XL runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 along side 4GB of RAM. While the OnePlus 6T runs the same chipset it actually pairs it with 8GB of RAM. This looks to give the Oneplus a nice advantage on power and speed. Googles 4GB does look on the small side considering Samsungs 6GB on the S9 Plus, but should be a great advantage to battery life providing its not too sluggish.

The Pictures

The 6T offers a 20MP rear facing camera which wipes the floor with the 3 XL’s 12MP. Though megapixel doesn’t mean win. Googles camera software and in-built AI adds features that make this a tough competition. It offers a mode called Top Shot which captures images before and after pressing the shutter button so you get the chance to select the perfect image (Great cause someone always blinks in family photos!). I think the features offered by Google will make this camera more of a demand than the 6T’s 20MP.

The Battery

We obviously want our phones to last as long as possible. The 3 XL gives you 3430mAh which along with its 4GB of RAM should offer enough charge but nothing spectacular. The 6T is similar here, though it offers a 3700mAh battery the 8GB memory is going to swallow the extra charge. I can see these devices giving similar usage and talk times.


There’s never a winner these days. The phones offer different strengths and different weaknesses. I mentioned earlier, for the selfie lovers it has to be the Pixel 3 XL, the dual cameras and AI will excel. If you’re a gaming fanatic, maybe double the RAM will be an important aspect, go for the OnePlus 6T.


The Reason Companies use Dell Laptops and Desktops

Dell is one of the most common hardware vendors in the world. This shows when you look at their $61.6 billion in revenue for 2017, $10 billion up from the previous year. In this article we can take a look at what got dell their top spot in the IT hardware market.


Latest Hardware

Dell work hard at pushing out the latest hardware with their new models. It keeps their hardware current while also extending the life span of it. They were one of the first companies pushing the DisplayPort connections onto their laptops, desktops and monitors. There are still plenty of companies not using this new protocols.


Configuration Editor

When selecting your hardware on the Dell website there are hundreds of options to choose from. Once you’ve picked the model you want you can then configure it. Low on budget? Decrease the RAM. Not enough speed? Throw an i7 inside. Watch a lot of QHD movies? Pop a High res screen on. Excellent to meet you or your companies specific needs.



Dells proSupport contract is crucial for business support. You can cover your hardware for 3 years (and extend it if needed). This cover gives you next day support for laptops and desktops but also gives you a 4 hour support contract for enterprise products like servers and SANS. Important for any business which wants to stay up and running.


Docking Stations

Being able to transform a small portable laptop into a full sized power user environment is important in many business areas. Firstly dell did it with the E-Port replicator, allow multiple display outputs and extra USB ports. They then went onto the latest Type-C docking station including the same capabilities with more modern protocols.


Easily Maintainable

There are plenty of different aspect which makes dells technology easy to maintain. Their desktop series (Optiplex for example) has easily interchangeable hardware with no screws. You don’t even need a screwdriver to upgrade the memory or install an extra PCI-E card. Their laptops are easily accessed and upgraded but unfortunately do include screws.


All these attributes make Dells hardware a super popular option when being selected for corporate or personal use. If you’re looking for a reliable selection of the latest tech Dell is the way to go.

Windows 10

External Keyboard on Bitlocker with Dell Type-C USB Dock and XPS


When using a Dell XPS (we’re using the 13″ 9360 Model) with the new Thunderbolt USB Type-C docking station. Trying to use an external keyboard connected to the dock to input the BitLocker pin and the keyboard doesn’t respond.


This can be resolved with a few simple steps.

  1. Boot up into windows, go to bitlocker manager and suspend bitlocker (This is temporary).
  2. Restart and boot into the bios/setup menu. (F12 on start-up)Dell Boot Sequence Menu
  3. Go to the Boot Sequence tab on the left and click Add Boot Option.
  4. Give the boot option a name, like HardDrive.
  5. Under File Name use the browsing button (…) and go to EFI>Microsoft>BootChanging boot file to bootmgrfw.efi
  6. In here select bootmgrfw.efi then click Ok, and Ok again to set up the boot option.
  7. Move the HardDrive boot option to the top of the list using the arrows.Setting HardDrive boot option to the top
  8. Boot into windows and check that the Bitlocker has been re-enabled.
  9. Voila, thats it. Your external Keyboard will now work with the USB C docking stations.